When people question God…

…they generally don’t like the answers.

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Profit is the Root of All Progress

“Profit” isn’t the evil that progressives make it out to be. In fact, profit is the root of all progress.

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Hallelujah Flash Mob

Handel’s Messiah – with fries.

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Farewell to Wheat

I’ve been reading The Heart Scan Blog. It makes a lot of sense. In a nutshell: cut out wheat, cornstarch, and sugar to get rid of my ever-growing “wheat belly.”

Cut out wheat? You mean noodles, too? No more spaghetti?

Come on, no more sandwiches? That’s impossible!

Tortillas, too?

No burgers?

Goodbye to apple pie?

This could be a problem.

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Going On A Health Kick

Ok, here goes: I’m going on a health kick. For real.

I’ll be 56 years old in a month. I’ve been letting myself go for the past several years and — heck, I’ve been letting myself go since I was a teenager! Just coasting along on my luck.

But lately I’ve been really feeling it. My age, I mean. And my years of not being very nice to my body: too much eating, too much drinking, too much time sitting in front of this computer. So I’m feeling tired all the time. Hardly enough energy to enjoy anything for very long.

And of course it’s a vicious cycle: low energy > low activity > low health > lower energy > lower activity > lower health — and around we go, spiraling down.

At some point you just have to pick a spot to break the cycle. So here goes!

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