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Wynton Marsalis Said:

“One thing I’ve learned through the years of writing extended compositions that also applies to living: don’t let the form you have chosen interfere with the music as it reveals itself. Take the music as it comes and change the form.”

Wynton Marsalis

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Learning WordPress

I’m learning WordPress. It’s daunting. New tricks are good, I guess, but things seem increasingly uphill here on the downhill side. Go figure.

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By Any Other Name

A blog is a blog is a blog, I guess, but I’d like to come up with a good title for this one. The current working title — Musings of a Retired Guitarist — is fairly accurate as a description, but it doesn’t seem like a very good title. It’s not snappy enough. Something a little cuter would be nice.

I’ve always liked the word and concept of fermata. In music, it means to momentarily suspend the beat. It doesn’t mean to pause for a beat or two, it means that the beat actually stops for a short time. It’s unmeasured time. Your foot stops tapping, the pulse is suspended. It’s a special moment.


/fɛrˈmɑ; It. fɛrˈmɑ/ Show Spelle[fer-mah-tuh]

n. Music.

  1. The prolongation of a tone, chord, or rest beyond its indicated time value.
  2. The sign indicating this prolongation.

[Italian, from feminine past participle of fermare, to stop, from Latin firmāre, to make firm, from firmus, firm.]

It’s a thought.

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